audiovisual installation | Galerie Freiräume | Hallein (AT/2014)


Mediare is an audiovisual installation, exhibited at Galerie Freiräume, Hallein, Austria in 2014. In Jean Baudrillards concept of the third Simulacrum the division between reality and imaginary disappears. The former reality is being transformed into hyperreality. In Hyperreality, reality is created or simulated from models, or defined by reference to models – a reality generated from ideas – in contrast to reference to the physical world.

Mediare approaches this hypothesis by forming hyperreality within the context of the exhibition. Media fragments are transformed with a vvvv built visual system and are exposed onto multiple modified semi-transparent TFT screens whereas a larger animation is projected in the background. Depending on the position of the visitor, different layers of images form a new one. Generative audio based on asynchronous granular synthesis modulates respectively triggers the visual side of the installation.

Mediare_347x521_1 Mediare_347x521_4 Mediare_347x521_6




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